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British Sign Language (BSL)

 British Sign Language is one of Britain’s approved languages, used by both hearing people and by the deaf community.  It is a visual language, aiding communication with the deaf, deafened and hard of hearing.


Introduction to British Sign Language

 This 10 week course would be suitable for those who would like to try British Sign Language before starting on a full accredited course at a later date.


The course provides a comprehensive introduction to a fascinating language.


British Sign Language Level 1

This course, of three terms, will give you the skills and knowledge to communicate with deaf people using BSL at a basic level.

You will learn through demonstrations, role play, games, pair work and video.

Some BSL Level 1 courses will include the 10 hour module on Deaf and Deafblind awareness (above).


British Sign Language Level 2

This course of three terms is for those who have achieved Level 1, or who can demonstrate competence to the required standard.


We can also provide specialist training, workshops or taster sessions, for your company or organisation.


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